The Red Bank Chamber Music Society (RBCMS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the presentation of chamber music concerts for the benefit of the community.  Member donations provide concerts of the highest professional level at no cost to audience members in order to encourage people of all ages and circumstances, and especially families with young children, to discover and enjoy this most delightful of musical experiences. The Society works with schools and other youth serving organizations to bring special music experiences to children. We extend a special invitation to local college students to attend our concerts. 




The Society's activities are supported by generous tax-deductible contributions from the our public-spirited members. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join us.   Please click, on the image at the right and complete the short form.


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Board of Trustees


Blake L. Wattenbarger, President 

Christopher Foard, Vice-president

André Bondi, Treasurer

Chris Hewitt

Carol Walther


Linda Muhlhausen, Recording Secretary


The Red Bank Chamber Music Society is committed to making chamber music, performed by world class musicians, available to all members of the community regardless of their means. In recent years, a special effort has been made to encourage student attendance at RBCMS concerts as a way to share this glorious music and the intimacy of its performances with a new generation of listeners. Students from Brookdale Community College, Ocean County College and Monmouth University as well as some local middle school school students have attended the concerts.

In 2010, the Society received a grant from The Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation specifically to support student attendance at its concerts. With support from the Bergen Foundation not only did student attendance increase at RBCMS concerts, but a number of student parents also attended the concerts. One student wrote of her response to a performance of Robert Schumann’s Piano Quartet in E-flat major, Op. 47 by the Omni Piano Quartet,

“I had a genuine connection to it. I had never been so captured and lost in a piece of music in this genre before. It was very reflective and relaxing.”

She also noted of the audience,

“They weren’t there to make an impression, they were there to just enjoy themselves and the talented people performing for them.”

While RBCMS welcomes students of all ages, it has built a particularly strong connection with students Karen Gargone at Ocean County College (OCC). It was a student of Professor Gargone,  Instructor of Humanities at OCC, who wrote the description of her experience at the Schumann performance.

Students are welcome at RBCMS concerts.  If instructors wish to encourage a group to attend, the Society asks that they contact us in advance to ensure there will be seats available. 


If you would like more information about RBCMS outreach activities, please click on Contact Us and write your message.